Symaxx/2 demo files

Here are the links to some of the demo files, which come with Symaxx. Use the pictures only for orientation, load the file into Symaxx for details.
The URL / file path of the images helps to locate the corresponding .mth file.

 Basic Demo

 Complex numbers `tutorial'

 Amplifier transfer function: Plots

 Graphics and SYSTEM demo: How to include graphics for documentation purposes, creative using of the SYSTEM function

 Heavy load test: Some big expressions. Stability test. Picture is not too good.

 Intersection of two lines: Basic equation manipulation

 Linear interpolation: A function included in Symaxx to interpolate between values

 Differential equations

 Parametric plot

 Plot-demo 1Plot-demo 2

 Reordering of polynomials: FORMAT package

 Selection demo 1: a unique feature of Symaxx
 Selection demo 2

 Sum-splitter demo: Maxima programming using Symaxx