GCL (Gnu Common Lisp) Compilation Mini-Howto

Before compiling Maxima, you have to compile Gnu Common Lisp.
Necessary are the executable (run by typing gcl) and the source code. It should be noted, that simply installing GCL from a .RPM archive will not do.
Download the file from the official ftp-site.


karju% gzip -dc gcl-2_3_6.tgz | tar -xvf -
karju% cd gcl-2.3
karju% chmod a+x configure
karju% ./configure
karju% make (su root)
karju% make install (exit)

I compiled this on two different sun machines without any problems.

Test by typing
(+ 3 4 )
The result should be 7.
Quit with Ctrl-D.

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