Tk installation How-to

If you install on Linux, try the binaries (RPM-archive).
Then run
mn@linux:~ >rpm -i perl_tk.rpm

But it this does not work, you'll have to compile them by yourself:
First download the Tk file from
The name of the file is Tk800.022_tar.gz or higher.

Then run the following commands.
I use the directory name 'My installation' here only for illustration. If you like to keep the source, move it to /usr/src/packages/SOURCES/. Or delete it afterwards.

For the 'make install', you need root access, because the Tk files are copied into system folders, where all users have read-access. If you don't have the password, ask your system administrator to do the 'make install' for you, it takes only 30 seconds (the three commands before that may take 20 minutes on a slow machine).

mn@linux:~ > cd ~
mn@linux:~ > mkdir MyTkInstallation
mn@linux:~ > cd MyTkInstallation/
mn@linux:~/MyTkInstallation > gzip -dc Tk800_022_tar.gz | tar -xvf -
mn@linux:~/MyTkInstallation > cd Tk800.022
mn@linux:~/MyTkInstallation/Tk800.022 > perl Makefile.PL
mn@linux:~/MyTkInstallation/Tk800.022 > make
mn@linux:~/MyTkInstallation/Tk800.022 > make test

(su root)
root@linux:/home/mn/MyTkInstallation/Tk800.022 > make install

Then test, if everything works:
mn@linux:~ > cd ~
mn@linux:~ > widget
Now the 'widget'-demo pops up, your Tk installation is OK.
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